What does H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester taste like?

Updated 1 year ago by Taylor

The ketone ester itself dominates the flavor profile of the drink, providing a distinct and recognizable taste. While individual opinions and responses to the drink differ, there is general agreement that H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester has a strong, distinct flavor and can be said to “taste like it works.” It is bitter, so we would advise taking it quickly and following it with some sips of water. 

Designed for in-field performance, and with a high concentration of the ketone ester, H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester is not meant as a casual sipping drink. 

The flavor profile of H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester was updated in Summer 2019. The new flavor profile has beat the original nearly 100% of the time, and we’re proud to have done it without artificial sweeteners or sugars. 

Learn more here: H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester Flavor & Packaging Update

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