How was H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester developed?

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Prof. Kieran Clarke (University of Oxford) and Prof. Richard Veech (National Institutes of Health) invented ΔG®—the patented ketone ester of the ketone body D-β-hydroxybutyrate (D-βHB) under a DARPA program to enhance soldier metabolism and performance. 

H.V.M.N. formed an exclusive partnership with TΔS, an Oxford University spinout company, founded by Prof. Kieran Clarke, to commercialize the ΔG® technology. After 15+ years of research and productization, costing over $60 million, H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester is now commercially available and the world’s first and only ΔG® ketone ester drink. 

Active research continues investigating new uses and applications.

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