How do the benefits of Ketone 2.0 compare to fasting and the ketogenic diet?

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H.V.M.N. Ketone 2.0 may offer a subset of the benefits of fasting and the ketogenic diet. What's more, being in a state of "fed ketosis," which is unique to exogenous ketones, offers unique benefits.

There are many benefits to fasting and the keto diet, but the two most frequently cited are:

  1. Fat loss (weight loss), which largely occurs as a result of the body using fat to produce ketones.
  2. Improved insulin sensitivity, which is mainly due to carbohydrate restriction. This restores blood glucose control and helps reduce insulin resistance.

BHB from Ketone 2.0 has an inhibitory effect on fat release. Therefore, it does not directly cause weight loss. Consuming exogenous ketones may affect appetite and gut hormone release (1), but it is unclear if this will directly aid in weight loss. Exogenous ketones can lower blood glucose even in the presence of carbohydrates (2). Animal studies of exogenous ketones have shown that they may affect insulin sensitivity (3), but it is unclear if this would happen in humans following a normal diet with high carbohydrate intake. Therefore, Ketone 2.0 should not be used to replace other lifestyle changes for weight loss or metabolic health.

However, there are many other benefits of fasting and the ketogenic diet. These include mental clarity, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. Some of these benefits may be driven by the presence of BHB itself, acting as a signal (4). Future research will look to see if raising BHB by consuming Ketone 2.0 can offer this subset of benefits without needing to fast or follow a strict ketogenic diet.



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