What happens to carbs if you take Ketone 2.0 when you have insulin in your blood?

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Insulin triggers glucose uptake into cells. Glucose is then either stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver or broken down via glycolysis (for use in the Krebs Cycle to make energy OR to make fat through de novo lipogenesis ).

The Ketone-IQ™️ technology found in H.V.M.N. Ketone 2.0 is converted to acetyl CoA (ACoA) inside the mitochondria.

High ACoA levels in the mitochondria strongly inhibit glucose breakdown by glycolysis. Excess carbs will not be converted into fat because, in order to make fat from carbs, carbs must be converted into ACoA via glycolysis. This process is inhibited by ketones. This means that glucose taken up is most likely stored as glycogen.

Drinking Ketone 2.0 may reduce blood glucose levels in healthy people (1). This may be a combined effect of lower liver glucose release (2) and increased tissue glucose uptake (3). Taking Ketone 2.0 before a glucose drink lowers the resulting glucose response (4).


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