MK.IV - October 2018. Added Ashwaghanda as an adaptogen that has both positive effects on stress, measured via subjective (recorded by questionnaires) and objective (detectable changes to biomarkers i.e cortisol) methods. Added Citicholine as it represents a choline precursor that has been studied in young adults, not simply in aging populations.  Removed Rhodiola Rosesa in place of Ashwaghanda. Removed Alpha-GPC in place of Citicholine. 

MK.III - Sourced and increased the potency of the rosavins and salidrosides actives in rhodiola rosea from 3% rosavins, 1% salidrosides to 5% rosavins, 2% salidrosides.

MK.II - Removed Caffeine, removed L-Theanine, and added Rhodiola Rosea and Alpha-GPC to optimize RISE to be a daily chronic nootropic.

MK.II - Launched June 2014.

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