How do I use MCT Oil Powder?

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The most common use case for MCT Oil Powder is keto coffee.

From curbing appetite to providing antioxidant benefits, coffee alone can perfectly fit in any diet, but combining coffee with other ingredients such as MCT oil can take things one step further. Keto coffee, also known as butter coffee to some, can be the perfect way to reach ketosis faster while also reaching dietary goals simultaneously.

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Pro Tip: When introducing MCTs into your diet, it's not uncommon for there to be some GI discomfort. To avoid this, we recommend starting out with 1/4-1/2 a serving and gradually increasing to a full serving as your body grows accustomed to MCTs!
What if I don't drink coffee?

You can add MCT Oil Powder to just about anything! Find more information and recipes here: Keto Diet Meal Plan: Your Guide to Keto Recipes

What if I'm not keto?

You do not need to be keto to benefit from MCTs!

If you are following a different diet, the most important thing to know about using MCTs is that it's a high-quality source of fat with a number of benefits. MCT Oil Powder also helps stabilize energy and blood sugar levels, plus the acacia fiber and healthy fats from the MCT Oil will keep you fuller, longer.

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