What are the effects of Ketone-IQ™?

Updated 1 year ago by Taylor

By taking Ketone-IQ™️, you can raise blood ketone levels without needing to fast or reduce carbohydrate intake.

Ketone-IQ™️ delivers several benefits for recovery, performance, cognition, and more:

  • Ketone-IQ™️ provides clean, sustained energy and mental clarity without the caffeine jitters or sugar crash.
  • Ketone-IQ™️ provides a carbohydrate-free source of energy, which is valuable for those on a strict keto diet.
  • Ketone-IQ™️ may boost endurance performance by 2–3% when taken with carbohydrates.
  • Ketone-IQ™️ may boost your body's ability to store carbohydrates and protein, supporting athletic recovery.

Ketone supplements may deliver several other benefits for health and performance, but research is still ongoing. We’ll keep you updated as evidence emerges.

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