How do subscriptions work?

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All H.V.M.N. products can be purchased as a one-time order or an ongoing subscription. To initiate a subscription, select Subscribe monthly and save 10% on the product page or in your cart before proceeding to checkout and a subscription will be created for you. Learn more about logging in here.

We offer a 10% discount on every subscription purchase and every customer has the ability to fully customize their subscription settings to meet their needs!

Did you know our subscriptions get out-of-stock protection? When demand spikes and we run low on inventory, we reserve inventory exclusively for our subscribers to ensure you always have your favorite products on hand.

Our subscription delivery schedules are customizable up to every 90 days. Since most subscribers like to receive their product(s) monthly, the monthly delivery schedule is our default setting, but you can change this at any time through your subscription dashboard under Delivery Schedule.

Subscriptions can be modified, paused, or cancelled at any time through your customer account.

You can also email and let us know what modifications are needed, how long you need to pause your subscription, or why you'd like to cancel your subscription, and we will take care of it for you!

Pro-tip: If you're subscribed to a single product, you can avoid shipping fees by setting up your subscription to ship double the product every two (2) months instead of a single product every month! Not only will you avoid the shipping fee applied to orders under $50, but you'll also receive fewer shipments and reduce your carbon footprint. 🌎 ♻️🦶
Free shipping only applies to domestic orders above $50.

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