How does the Ketone 2.0 waitlist work?

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We're so excited to bring H.V.M.N. Ketone 2.0 to your doorstep in the near future! In the meantime, please join our waitlist so you can be the first to receive Ketone 2.0 when it arrives.

How It Works
  1. The waitlist is free. Joining the waitlist does NOT place an order for H.V.M.N. Ketone 2.0. Once your turn in the waitlist comes up, we'll notify to let you know you're able to purchase.
  2. Everyone who has previously purchased H.V.M.N. Ketone 1.0 is automatically on the waitlist!
  3. The waitlist operates on a first-come, first-served basis. People will move off the waitlist and be granted access to Ketone 2.0 based on the order in which they joined.
  4. The current estimated launch date is November 2021.
  5. When it's your turn to purchase, we’ll email you with a special link to grant you exclusive access—so keep an eye on your inbox!
    Please be advised that you do need to remain opted into e-mail communications to receive this email.
  6. Subscriptions have the added bonus of out-of-stock protection. As such, we encourage you to subscribe to Ketone 2.0 as soon as you have access to ensure you have uninterrupted access in the future.

You might be wondering why we are instituting a waitlist at all, and we're happy to explain! Our goal is to ensure we are able to serve everyone who has been waiting for the product since our out-of-stock in 2020 and we want to ensure we are not over or under-producing Ketone 2.0. Stabilizing supply and providing an optimal customer experience is of the utmost importance to us.

As always, please email us at or click the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner if you have any questions!

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