Price Change on H.V.M.N. Performance Supplements

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In October 2018, we reformulated all of our Performance Supplements to bring you even better products based on updated scientific research and customer feedback. To accommodate for these product changes, our prices increased, but what does that really mean?

In order to make H.V.M.N. Performance Supplements: Rise, Kado, Sprint, and Yawn, we globally source the highest quality ingredients and only use standardized extracts for our herbal supplements.

Every ingredient we use, from Ashwagandha to Magnesium, CDP Choline to Astaxanthin, has been picked specifically for its scientifically-supported benefits and trusted quality. In fact, almost 90% of our costs go toward our ingredients because quality, efficacy, and safety are our top priorities.

All ingredients in our Performance Supplements undergo rigorous quality assurance testing by third-party labs on five separate occasions during the production process:

  1. Individual ingredients are first tested by the supplier before they are shipped to our manufacturer.
  2. Individual ingredients are tested a second time by the manufacturer upon receipt.
  3. Ingredients are mixed together to create the specific product blend and tested a third time.
  4. The product blend undergoes encapsulation and is tested a fourth time.
  5. Capsules are bottled before being tested a final time before the finished good is shipped to our warehouse and on to you!

Additionally, we pay extra to receive California Prop 65 testing (heavy metal testing) during each stage of the production process. 

We are fully transparent and are happy to share our CoAs publicly with you, so you know exactly what you are receiving from us.

Beyond sourcing high-quality ingredients and quality assurance testing, H.V.M.N. is also committed to ethical manufacturing and supporting our domestic economy by keeping our production here in the United States. But how does that impact our supplements? 

Both the manufacturing and fulfillment industries at-large are currently in a period of immense growth, and we have experienced first-hand the rising costs of sourcing, testing, warehousing, shipping, and labor, as these industries push to meet the ever-growing demands of the bustling global eCommerce trade. 

While rising production costs lead to increased product costs, it's crucial to remember that one of the most important votes you cast on a daily basis is where you spend your money. The industries and business ethics consumers support with their dollars are arguably one of the most important influences consumers have, if not the most important. 

At H.V.M.N., we are not only fully committed to creating the best products, we are also committed to a healthy domestic economy, supporting domestic jobs, and running an ethical business on all levels. When you purchase our products, you are putting your money toward a standard you can trust.

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