What is tapioca fiber?

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Our Soluble tapioca fiber is a gut-friendly prebiotic fiber known as a “resistant dextrin.” It comes from heating the tapioca root (also known as the cassava root) and extracting its fiber content.

Soluble tapioca fiber is NOT to be confused with isomalto-oligosaccharide (usually referred to as IMO), which can also be derived from the tapioca root. IMO is not a resistant dextrin, but rather a fiber-like sweetener that the body almost completely breaks down into Glucose. Here is a great study on the topic, where scientists compare Soluble Corn Fiber (which is virtually chemically identical to Soluble Tapioca Fiber) to IMO and find a vast difference in blood sugar and insulin response.

Why is tapioca fiber necessary in Keto Food Bar?

Fiber is used in bars to help the ingredients "stick" together but without the sugar and carbohydrates of typical "glue" ingredients like honey, dates, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, etc.

Other keto bar options use a Fiber called "Chicory Root Fiber" or "Inulin", which sounds great, but actually has some pretty...ahem... intense side effects. Chicory root fiber is a very small fiber molecule that ferments too quickly in your gut, often causing bloating and embarrassing gas!

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