What makes Keto Food Bar better than other bars on the market?

Updated 7 months ago by Taylor

Simple: Real Food, Real Keto!

When we asked our community what was missing in the keto space, we received overwhelming feedback that people needed an option they felt good about putting into their body—that they could actually trust not to negatively impact their nutrition goals.

When we looked at the bars available, we understood the problem. Our community really only had two options:

  1. "Keto" bars that are either unappetizingly artificial or not truly keto when you inspect the nutrition facts.
    Many of the bars out there are what we like to call "Frankenstein" bars—made up of ingredients you can't pronounce that have no place in your kitchen, let alone your body!
    Most keto bars are still too low in fat and too high in carbohydrates and protein, so they aren't all that helpful in helping people meet their keto macros. In fact, some "keto certified" products we've found even come with carbohydrate loads over what the keto diet recommends for an entire day!
  2. "Healthy, whole food" options that are essentially giant sugar and carbohydrate bombs.
    These bars are often held together with honey, dates, and/or brown rice syrup. It looks and sounds natural, but it's not our definition of healthy—and most definitely isn't keto.

Keto Food Bar offers a solution—delivering real food that will keep you in ketosis!

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