Wholesale Partner Ordering

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  1. Buy Directly From H.V.M.N.
    For domestic retailers, H.V.M.N. products are available on Handshake!
    Learn more about buying on Handshake here.
  2. Outside the USA?
    For international retailers, please fill out this brief application and we will be in touch.
  3. The Fine Print
    Please be advised that H.V.M.N. mandates a minimum selling unit of 1 bottle for the 12oz format at MSRP no lesser than $45; and a minimum of 12 units for the 2oz format at MSRP of $59.40 or $4.95 per unit.

    Resellers are under no circumstances allowed to sell on Amazon. H.V.M.N. maintains an active brand registry on Amazon's platform and we will pursue action against unauthorized resellers.
  4. Not seeing what you need?
    Drop us a line at wholesale@hvmn.com

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